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Eddie Cornwallis

Eddie has a dream...

I had a dream the other night that on this marvellous day over the lush, sunbathed, green contours of Citadel Hill, the Vikings came to plunder the poor, defenceless, bankrupt little backwater of Nova Scotia.

Guy Pothier

Park it right here, people...

Joni Mitchell may have been more prescient than she realized when she made her barb about parking lots. More about that below.

Frank Cameron

A reasonable amount of remembrance

I’m just a typical American boy from a typical American town

I believe in God and Senator Dodd and a keepin’ old Castro down

And when it came my time to serve I knew “better dead than red”

Frank Covers

Nat begat... and begat... and...

Nat begat... and begat... and...

I remember that rainy day in October 2002, like it was yesterday. 

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Steve vs Dan & Nimbus

Steve vs Dan & Nimbus

In the television news biz, i.e., the picture business, nobody is happy until the news anchor is happy, and if the news anchor ain’t happy, then, baby, ain’t nobody gonna be happy. Believe me.
Best then to keep Steve Murphy happy, I’d say.

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48 Triple ‘D’ delight dishes on Duffy

48 Triple ‘D’ delight dishes on Duffy

Sometimes charming. Sometimes funny. But mostly cheap, crude, loud, rude, insensitive, deceitful, and very drunk.
That’s basically how Natalie Pollock remembers disgraced Senator Mike Duffy from the time they spent together back in the 80s/90s, when Duffy was still doing his television news thingy. Before he truly  went mad.

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Cape Breton Chit Chat

Aerosmith promoter not so Amazing?

Remember that string of international mega-artists who played the Halifax Common over the course of several summers a few years back, and what a grand success each and every one of those concerts turned out to be? Yeah, I remember too. 

Sydney yacht club fire questions won't burn out

So how long did it actually take the Sydney fire brigade to respond to the blaze that brought down the historic Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club? That’s the question on many minds as we await the next court appearence of accused arsonist “Duck Killer” Derrick Joseph Harris. 

Media Madness

Across the great divide for John Wesley

John Wesley Chisholm, Arcadia Entertainment prezzie, surfer, sailor, diver, Scottish Rite Freemason and Juno award-winning musician, may soon have a new term to add to his extensive CV: middleaged divorced guy. 

Star-struck Judge Joel cracks Egg’s labour case

As local small-screen studio Egg Films was entertaining Metro Centre audiences recently with an ice-level video extravaganza that’s been getting attention beyond Halifax, an ongoing labour/legal dispute has landed butter side down for the content creators.

Frank Letters

Rhymes with buckle up

Dear Frank: Re: Move Along, Nothing To See Here..., by Andrew Douglas, Frank 686.

Borderline rage in Thorburn

Dear Frank: Re: Give Our Regards To Broadway, by Andrew Douglas, Frank 687.

Your article on Amy Hood’s planned excursion to New York City got a lot of parents here in Thorburn pretty upset.

Urban Undulations

Giving back is great, but tell me again why you took it in the first place?

In what can only be described as a masterstroke, The United Way of Halifax named Emera executive Nancy Tower, left, co-chair of its 2014 fundraising campaign on March 25. 

From Big Brother to Bumgate and beyond

“So what did you think of the photo of your bare ass we ran in the magazine?” I ask my coffee date.

Speaker's Corner

Playing 20 Questions with Meagan

It’s not often you get your hands on some bona-fide government documents that, but for a quirk of fate, would likely never have seen the light of day.

MLA pension review outrage

With all necessary respect, former Nova Scotia auditor general Roy Salmon, nursing czarina Janet Hazelton, and alleged consumer advocate John Merrick should be feeling very ashamed of themselves since the release of their “binding” review of Nova Scotia MLA Perks & Pensions.

Wanker of the Week

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police & the Nova Scotia Department of Justice

The sad case of Gerald Barton has more than one nexus to the infamous Donald Marshall, Jr. affair. 

Wanker, er, Wekerle of the week

It’s been more than two years since Bay Street golden boy Mike Wekerle entertained me with his drunken antics at a charity roast in Halifax on June 15, 2011 (Frank 614). 

Law & Disorder

SWAT’s up with New Glasgow’s kiddie cops?

The curious militarization of the New Glasgow law enforcement community is rolling steadily along.

From The Dirty tricks file...

Is the gutter website The Dirty playing a role in alleged sex trafficking of young Nova Scotia women? That’s a question an anonymous tipster brought to our attention after noticing a few interesting posts on the site. 

Let Them Swill Cake

Teacher's paypacks at Millwood High

Millwood High School
(36 teachers/609 students)

Morrison, Joseph (Principal)    $96,128
Burton, Catharine (VP)    $86,791
Broomhead, Leslie (VP)    $86,650
Frost, Grant    $85,044
Devitt, Brenda    $82,745
Boisoli, Amanda    $81,198

Teachers’ paypacks at Prince Andrew High

Prince Andrew High School
(47 teachers; 984 students)
MacKinnon, Gregory (Prin.)    $101,485
Amaral, Lee Anne (VP)    $92,411
Abidi, Soheal (VP)    $86,561
Roberts-Regan, Debra    $84,331
Stewart, John    $81,694

Frankland Reports

Valley of Fear / South Shore

House arrest house up for foreclosure

When it rains cats and dogs on Gail Benoit, it pours.

Convicted animal abuser Gail was convicted in Bridgewater court this week of stealing, then selling, a pair of pooches in 2012.

Northern N.S. News

SWAT’s up with New Glasgow’s kiddie cops?

The curious militarization of the New Glasgow law enforcement community is rolling steadily along.