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Jun 28 , 2017


Catherine Campbell publication ban redux

by Andrew Douglas
Catherine Campbell publication ban redux

Publication ban applications and sealing orders are once again an issue in the case against Chris Garnier, who is charged with second degree murder in the 2015 death of Stellarton native Catherine Campbell.

Notice has just gone out to media that the N.S. Public Prosecution Service will be applying for a publication ban and sealing order on documents expected to be filed by defence lawyer Joel Pink in court tomorrow. His 29-year-old client - a former personal trainer out on strict bail conditions - is scheduled for a five-week jury trial in N.S. Supreme Court beginning in November. 

According to the information being circulated by the Courts' automated service, the documents will relate to the prior sexual history of the deceased, and her employment record with the Truro police service.

Last year, you might recall that after Frank Magazine reported on those very topics last summer (Frank 746), the Crown launched an ill-conceived prosecution against yours truly for the alleged breach of a publication ban, only to drop the charge a few months later.

Sources have long told Frank that the defence plans to show Campbell’s death was, while tragic, an accident brought about by 50 Shades of Grey‑style sexual misadventure. Consensual choking. And Frank hears there is evidence that Garnier isn't the only person she had this type of sex with. 

The Crown is seeking that any documents filed in Pink's upcoming applications be sealed until there is a determination that they are admissible in court. Which they almost certainly will be, quite obviously. At least the bits involving her alleged pattern of risky sex, that is. 

Pink previously confirmed to Frank that he planned to make the victim’s police disciplinary record a part of the case. I told you last year that her record paints a picture of a woman given to fits of reckless off-duty behaviour which had serious professional repercussions for her. 

Crown Christine Driscoll's application is scheduled to be heard in front of a judge on July 31.



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