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by Andrew Douglas

Did just experience the Streisand Effect?

It was already a well-read story, but when the Halifax Regional Police alleged the material was subject to a publication ban and the author faced a criminal charge, the hit-count went into the stratosphere. It's been a few years since a story got so many eyeballs.

Which goes to show, any attempt to stifle information from the public has great potential to blow up in your face.

At number two on the list was a story from the summer of 2013, detailing the health struggles of well-liked Halifax radio fella Jeff Cogswell, who had just turned 40. Jeff died of complications from pneumonia on July 7 of this year at the age of 43.

You can access the entire archive for as little as $19.99 (includes HST).

Following are the top 10 stories on the website for July.

1. Who was Catherine Campbell? Exclusive: a troubled cop, and a police force's attempts to whitewash her image

2. When Jeff Cogswell almost died

3. Daddy Dearest Panopalis's sexual assault case

4. Stupid is as stupid does, publication ban edition

5. More local Hells Angels revealed!

6. Out of the mouths of babes...

7. Frank names names: your guide to the Hells Angels in Nova Scotia

8. Armed robber gets such a nice CBC sendoff

9. Little League Madness! Glace Bay shows class; Sydney, not so much

10. Bridgewater sex secrets

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