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O, Canada! Frozen toes & killer acorns

Like other Canadians, I sometimes allow my Canadian-ness to lull me into a false sense of security. 

If I had a job, I’d expect to arrive at work every morning unmolested by hooligans, ready to start my day in earnest. 

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From the mouths of babes in the woods

“There’s promise everywhere we look in our city,” a great man said to me recently. “But we need to do our part.” 

I agreed with the great man. 

“I believe we’re a city on the verge of greatness, we can see it. We can taste it.”

What does greatness tastes like, or the verge thereof? Possibly a mojito with just a touch too much lime. 

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This one man would like a few extra votes, please

Whoever first declared that voting “just encourages them” is a man after my own heart.

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Pariah: Eddie’s such a grateful guy

This Thanksgiving, a list of people and things Eddie Cornwallis is thankful for:

- Margaret Wente, for making me realize that my research habits are shared by one of the most-read columnists in the land. 

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Pariah: The religion of falling all to pieces

You gotta feel for the regular Muslims - Y’know, the lunchpail Muslims, the doctor Muslims, the convenience store manager Muslims, the stripper Muslims, the businessman Muslims, the banker Muslims, the petty thief Muslims, the stay-at-home mom Muslims.

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